What is a rebate?

A rebate is similar to cash. When you purchase most products on AliExpress through our purchase link, AliExpress will pay us a commission for each order, and we will share the commission with you. This is what we call a rebate.

How do I receive the rebate?

Sign up and log into our website. Click on the product on our website to reach the shopping site; purchase any product that offers a commission and you are eligible for the rebate. Please note: the product that you click on and the product that you finally purchase do not have to be the same one. As long as you reach AliExpress by clicking on our link, you are eligible.

We strongly recommend that you install our Chrome Extension and log in. Later on, you will only have to activate our suggested rebate while you are shopping on AliExpress in order to obtain your purchase rebate.

When can I receive the rebate money?

Within one or two days of your placing an order on the shopping website, you will see the rebate and the rebate amount for your order when you log into our website. Within two days of confirming that you have received and completed the order, the actual rebate amount will be credited to you and become usable.

To receive a timely reminder about your rebate, please ensure the email of your account is verified.

What can I do with the rebate money?

A rebate is similar to cash. It allow you to use the rebate through our redemption platform to buy any AliExpress product, any Amazon eGift Card, or make a direct withdrawal via Paypal. Please note: freight cost will be considered for any product redemption on AliExpress, so please fill in your shipping address accurately. A redemption of Amazon eGift Card and Paypal must not be less than 10 dollars. Please make sure that there is a sufficient balance in your account when you make a redemption.

If you would like us to offer another redemption method, please contact us. We will consider providing this support.

What is the function of your Chrome Extension?

Our Chrome Extension offers you greater convenience on your rebate. You won't need to visit our website every time to click the rebate link. After installing the extension and logging in, we will prompt you to activate the rebate on the product shopping page. Otherwise, your shopping rebate is completed automatically.

In addition, we provide the following functions:

  • Product price trend within the past 90 days. If you wish to know whether a product is being marked down, this is a good point of reference.
  • Product collection and price reminder. Is there a product you love that is too expensive? Collect it. When its price goes down, we will notify you.
  • Price comparison suggestions: if a product that you are browsing has a cheaper alternative, we would recommend it to you.

How can I obtain more rebates?

Do you want to receive more rebates? There are two ways:

  1. Share your rebate links: Through the product sharing function of our website and extension, share your rebate link with other people. When other people click on the link and have successfully made a purchase on AliExpress, all the rebate becomes yours. The more your share, the more rebates you receive.
  2. Invite friends to join: Through sharing your registration links or registration number, each friend that you invite to sign up on our website can earn you up to US$25 potential rebate as a reward. Once your friend has obtained shopping rebate, you will receive the same rebate as a reward.

Do you only support AliExpress shopping rebate?

Expect more websites to join our rebate alliance. If you have any suggestions about this, such as your wish that a certain website can join us, you are welcome to offer us your feedback. We will consider your suggestion as a priority.